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If you cannot get into a house your game has crashed.  To fix this delete all of the objects you downloaded from our and other The Sims fan sites.  Objects from The should not cause this problem.

Our first object is a teal sink.
Second is a teal refrigerator.
Teal Sink
Teal Fridge
Third is a teal piano
Fourth on a special Wednesday (almost Sim Day) update is our black shower
Teal Piano
Black Shower
The wall lamp is not attached to the shower.  It is just behind it
Our fifth object is a teal stove, microwave, and toaster oven set
Teal Microwave, stove, and toaster oven
NEW! Ivory and Burgundy Living room set.  ID Safe! Download
NEW! Sugar 'n' Spice Bedroom collecion.  ID Safe!   Download

The Sugar 'n' Spice Bedroom collection was made in celebration of Alexa Valentino's  birth at Coaster's.

This set contains all objects shown and the purple and blue wall and floor.

Sim Dudes Online is not responsible for anything
that happens to your game.
If these objects appear at any other site please
e-mail the webmaster with the object name and site address.
Beverly's Sims and Die Sims Katalog (German) do have permission to use these objects on their sites.
Coaster's and other Simlane sites have permission to post the Sugar 'n' Spice collection.