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Object Maker
We are looking for someone to help make objects for us.  2 objects a week is all that we require.  To start send me an object along with a picutre of it to  Start with one of the objects listed below.  Name it the name after the -.   Please be sure to get a magic cookie number and be sure to have to most current version of the Transmogrofier.

1.  White Lined Pool Table - poolwhite
2.  White BBQ - bbqwhite
3.  White Piano - pianowhite
4.  Black Piano - pianoblack
5.  White Expensive Table - tablexwhite
6.  White Expensive Bed - bedxwhite

You will find the object once you have made it in your Downloads\Transmogrified folder.

If you are interested in filling this position on the staff send an e-mail to with a picture of the object.